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Karelia Spring

Children’s International Dance Event takes place on a Karelia Spring Dance Floor

Are you looking for an exceptional sports or dance floor? 

  • complies to all demands of various sports and its users 
  • stands up to tough wear and tear
  • optimises floor's ball rebound and shock absorption, both of which are vital in ball sports
  • is safe and easy to maintain

                                               Look no further: Karelia Spring sports and dance floors

Professionals in different sectors have tested Spring sports and dance floors, and their recommendations have been taken in to account during product development. Karelia Spring sport and dance floors have been designed specifically for facilities where people play, move and dance.
Take a look at our reference targets

Spring floors have also been tested to ensure conformity with various international and domestic standards. The result has been the development of the right floor floor the right use: Spring. 
You will find more information on the test results on each product's own page.

   ISO9001 ISO14001 PEFCNWFA

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